Thursday, April 11, 2013

Saint Paul's Episcopal Church

A picture of the church as seen in 1905. 

" The present church was designed and built by Frank Dibble, a local builder who also constructed the Holyoke Public Library.  Inside the church the walls are covered in deep red brick with stone pillars holding up the wood-clad ceiling.

 In the chancel stands a sculpture of Christ seated in heaven, holding the book of life in which the faithful are enrolled.  Carved of Caen stone from France, it is said to weigh 6 tons.

Before it is a black cross, designed by the rector in the late 1950’s, the Rev. David Evans, who was responsible for significant alterations to the chancel.   Two large windows in the transepts of St. Paul’s are beautiful and impressive, not made by Tiffany but in the style of that artist and time. 

Other windows throughout the church depict saints and scenes in the rich colors of the gothic style. A carved wooden credence table and bishop’s chair match the original oak pulpit and lectern."  (

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