Saturday, June 9, 2018

Dwight Street/Veterans Park Vicinity - 1951

Looking west up Dwight Street near the intersection of Chestnut Street. The house on the left (does anyone know who's residence this was?) was demolished in the early 1960s to make way for the Flying "A" gas station.  West of the Post Office is the Urania Building that was the home of the P.O. Spa Restaurant for many years. This building was destroyed by fire several years ago and is currently being renovated. 

A look south up Chestnut Street from the corner of Hampden Street. 

Another view south from the intersection of Hampden and Chestnut Streets. (Photos courtesy of the Seminole Bailey Archive)


BillG52 said...

Thanks so much for continuing to post these unique historical photos of Holyoke, Lenny! When placed in a time perspective, 68 years was not all that long ago.

Hiram said...

Hi Lenny-
I'm so glad to see that photo, that house originally belonged to Roswell P. Crafts, the second mayor of Holyoke and financier of the Caledonia Building (origin. "Crafts Building"). I'd only ever seen pictures of it without its surroundings so that photo really helps me put it in context.