Friday, July 26, 2013

John B. Sutcliffe

Holyoke & Vicinity

These photos are from a stereo view series taken by Holyoke photographer John B. Sutcliffe in the late 1890s. 

In addition to his stereo view photography, Sutcliffe also photographed  many historic events in and around the city including President McKinley's visit to the area in 1899, and the December 1906 fire at the southwest corner of Dwight and High streets.

The locations of the above photos are unknown, but the top photo was most likely taken somewhere in the Highlands. The gentleman in the Civil War era uniform brought to mind William Stiles Loomis, but i'm sure it's not him. (???)

The middle photo might have been taken in the area known as "High Rock Springs" along the old B&M Railroad line near the Connecticut River.  Again, this is only a guess..

The bottom photo appears to have been taken at the Holyoke Ice Company which was located just west of Pulaski Park near the banks of the Connecticut River,  

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