Friday, May 10, 2013

What A Beautiful View!!!

This is a photo taken in the early 1900s from a location near the present day McNulty Park and long before the Muller Bridge and causeway project would alter the flow of the river and size of the cove.

There are many landmarks seen in the picture that no longer exist, including the Saw Mill below Mitchell Field and the original Ice House near Prospect Park.

This is another spot in the city hidden by overgrowth and because of that, denies a spectacular view of the river and city looking east, and the Mt. Tom and Mt Holyoke Ranges to the north. 

The city claims one of the main reasons that clearing efforts are stifled, is because of erosion problems that threaten the Pan Am railroad tracks below. Of course this is bull since the railroad existed when this photo was taken,  Pulaski Park experiences a similar problem.

This photo taken in 1899 from the Summit House dining room shows the eastern slope of Mt. Tom with Whiting Street Reservoir and the Connecticut River in the background.

In between the two bodies of water sits Mountain Park. If you look real close, you can see Lower Station in the middle left of the picture and the road leading to the Botanical Garden on the right.

The rail in the picture is that of the supply track that transported supplies and goods to the Summit House via a special car.

Where the track was located is now part of the road that leads to the transmission towers atop the mountain. Notice the beautiful grassy area on the slope. Today this area is buried with debris and it's view obstructed with sumac trees and various other growth.

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